I received a complimentary Cryohelmet a few days ago and today was the first time I put it to use on a low grade migraine.

The Catalyst Cryohelmet is a revolutionary new product designed for head injuries.

Right now there is no great treatment for severe or mild traumatic brain injuries (concussions). Rest is the only recommended course of action. Evidence shows that every hit counts — in tackle football, women’s soccer, ice hockey, baseball, martial arts, and in non-contact sports. Trauma accumulates over time from repeated impacts. Even the small hits during practice and games contribute.
Their approach uses cold therapy to treat some of the inflammation that occurs with these injuries. The use of cold therapy is a rapidly growing field in medicine called “selective therapeutic hypothermia.”
Migraine sufferers have used ice on their heads for decades, and stroke and cardiac arrest patients are experiencing better outcomes due to Therapeutic Hypothermia treatments.

Evidence indicates that cooling the brain reduces the inflammatory effects that occur from head trauma.

So how did the Cryohelmet work on my migraine the first time I used it?

30 minutes after I placed it on my head the pain from my level 5 migraine decreased to about a 2. Even the dizziness that usually accompanies it seemed more bearable. It felt great to feel some relief in just a short period of time.

I can honestly say I was very impressed with the results only after one use.

CryoHelmet 1 CryoHelmet 2 CryoHelmet Pic

To learn more about the Cryohelmet visit their website.