I have been really busy these past few days which explains why I am just now putting in my two cents about something that has been going on between wikiHow and people in the Migraine Community.

I normally don’t like to attack people or groups because we all have the right to freedom of speech HOWEVER in case, I’ll make an exception.

As someone who has lived with migraines for 27 years, developed chronic migraines just two years ago and cluster headaches less than a year ago I find that WiKi’s guidelines for what material is suitable very appalling.

I actually took the time to read each and every one of the thread posts between the wikiHow Admin. and people I’ve meet in the headache disorder community. I’m sure there was steam coming out of my ears and my eyes were beet red as I saw how the Admin from wikiHow was defending their policies by saying IT IS OKAY to post topics that are informative to others.


Are you FREAKIN kidding me?!?!?!

How is it informative to allow someone to post “HOW TO FAKE” a medical condition?

YES there is freedom of speech. As a published author I use my creativity to create fictional words for my readers to get lost in for hours. HOWEVER I do draw the line on what I will and won’t make up or reference in my own books. I would never make fun of any type of medical condition. EVER! It is just wrong on so many levels.

To show you what some of the Admin are stating about wikiHowi here are a few posts they made after people from the headache disorder community starting requesting for them to remove content from their website:

“I can only speak for myself as an admin, but I apply the deletion policy to the articles I come across before voting because that’s what we’re supposed to do. Obviously, you have a different set of standards you apply, which concerns me because it should be based on the policy. Are you saying that if you come across an article that may not meet deletion criteria based on policy, but is one of these articles you think is “silly” and shouldn’t be allowed, you are going to vote to delete it anyway?”

“I’m not going to use my deletion powers as a wand and start deleting articles left and right because there’s a controversial blender that came out of nowhere before others had input and/or voting.”

“Just a little background: Our volunteers have spent almost 10 years building this how-to manual. With thousands of people collaborating from all walks of life came a way of doing things with some basic rules that we could all agree on. The deletion policy is one of those rules, something that’s kept our community on the same page for many years. Please don’t underestimate the power of tens of thousands of people from all over the world and with an incredible variety of viewpoints finding common ground for nearly a decade. I understand that, coming from a much smaller, more tight-knit group of people who identify along the lines of the painful condition you suffer from, it would be difficult to see how another viewpoint like that of our community would be anything short of crazy. But I’m asking you to remember that we are a huge, diverse community, not a small group with shared ideals beyond the desire to educate. Showing up and demanding not only deletion of one article, but deletion all fake sick articles and immediately is an easy way to declare war on people who have dedicated millions of hours to the sharing of knowledge.”

Apparently wikiHow is for entertainment purposes and none of us have the right to get upset or offended by what is posted there.

Maybe if I wasn’t living with chronic migraines and my son wasn’t suffering from his abdominal migraines I would see WiKi in a different light, but I don’t and I refuse to sit back and allow nonsense about headache disorders to be of entertainment value.

I wonder….would any of these Admin. be offended if there was an article posted about a medical condition they or a loved one battled each day against?

I’m sure they’ll comment saying it’s freedom of speech and blah, blah. blah to keep their place as a wikiHow Admin. But I have lost the ability to drive for 18 months, the ability to do normal things around the house due to the severity of my migraines taking over my motor skills and got let go from a job that I loved because of my headache disorders. So I won’t allow anyone to make fun of my medical condition.

All I have to say is that wikiHowi definitely beat the bee’s hive when they chose to defend themselves against a bunch of people living with migraines and cluster headaches.

I’m sure there will be even more of a backlash from their Admin as the headache disorder community fights back against the ridiculous articles written about our medical condition.

Maybe if other people with life altering medical conditions knew what wikiHow was allowing to be on their website the war on freedom of speech may not be so one-sided.

The moral of this story is, if you want to be heard then do something about it.

Trust me when I say, I want to be heard and I’m ready to defend a condition that over 38 million Americans live with that currently has no cure and articles that were written out of entertainment value makes our battle that much harder to fight.


***Here is the article that has developed so much controversy in the headache disorder community that there are a lot of people emailing the founder wikiHow founder Jack Herrick to get him to IMMEDIATELY remove from their website.