As my family, friends and readers know I like to post things I find about anything related to migraines or cluster headaches since those two are the neurological diseases I live with and advocate for.

I wanted to share the Millennial Migraine Report because it covers many of the issues I face on a daily basis as a migraineur.

The Milennial Migraine Report - Infographic


The report, conducted by The Futures Company, surveyed 1,000 American women ages 18 to 64 and uncovered some key differences between generations, such as:

Millennials cite stress as a trigger more often than other generations of migraine sufferers surveyed.

o   70% of millennials ranked stress as a trigger, compared to 60% of Generation Xers and 50% of Baby Boomers.

·         Only half of millennial migraine sufferers surveyed say they are actively trying to reduce their stress to better manage their migraines.

o   62% make sure they get enough sleep

o   36% exercise regularly

o   25% take a break from their handheld devices

·         88% of millennial migraine sufferers feel that only other migraine sufferers truly understand what they go through.

·         81% of millennial migraine sufferers would like to have more open conversations about migraines.

To learn more, visit Excedrin’s Millennial Migraine Report.

The results of the Millennial Migraine Report*, a new survey commissioned by the makers of Excedrin® Migraine.