When my son was diagnosed with abdominal migraines at the age of 10 I knew I had to do everything possible to get him the best in neurological care.

As an advocate for migraines you would think that task would be an easy one. It wasn’t. Seeing my child suffer in pain was unbelievably heartbreaking.

Colton became completely debilitated by his migraines and was forced to finish the last three months of the fifth grade at home. At the start sixth grade Colton struggled with daily head pain. He began doing half days of school if his pain was tolerable, but it was still a struggle to get out of bed and function without any difficulties. With frequent visits to his Neurologist it seemed almost impossible that my young migraineur would ever get any type of relief.

After numerous attempts at finding the right combination of medications to alleviate his migraine symptoms there was finally an improvement with Colton’s health. With the help of his Cryohelmet and daily use of medications I’m proud to report my middle schooler starting attending class more often.

Now that his migraines are more manageable Colton has decided to go out for football. He recently started a blog to share his experiences as a young migraineur just trying to live a normal life.

Because Colton wanted to help educate others about migraines he has earned the title of Online Ambassador with Just Cool Me, a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives, improving patient outcomes, and helping families affected by injury to the heart, brain and nervous system.

You can find Colton on Twitter: (@TIMMigraineLife): https://twitter.com/TIMMigraineLife?s=09


and his new blog This Is My Migraine Life Unscripted: