We had SOOOO MUCH fun at this concert! I even sang along with Todd Carey, Max and MKTO

This Is My Migraine Life Unscripted

Last Monday my mom, sister, little brother and I went to the WIXX Back-to-School Concert in Oshkosh where we saw Todd Carey, Max and MKTO perform their hit songs.

Here are some pictures that my mom and I shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Todd Carey performed Nintendo and his new song Oh My God


Max singing Gibberish


MKTO ‎Malcolm David Kelley – ‎Tony Oller performed Classic, Bad Girls, Monaco, American Dream, Thank You

Guess who tweeted me and my mom back????

Screenshot (596)

Screenshot (597)

Todd Carey even follows me and my mom on Twitter now!

With the weather conditions changing all day long I did not get a migraine.

I had a fun time! I hope we get to come back for next year’s concert and maybe get an autograph or two.

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